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Advanced Algorithms pdf

Advanced Algorithms pdf e-Book: Welcome to Free e-Book

Advanced Algorithms

Description: : There are many book of computer science and electronics students but advance algorithms is one of the most important book among of them. Advance algorithms tells about some algorithm regarding circuit analysis and for electronic components so this book have many essential theories which is most important to understand. We are providing you e-Book of advance algorithms at free of cost.

Advanced Algorithms

There are following important topics regarding Advanced Algorithms that you should know:

  1. Estimation Algorithms for NP difficult issues 
  2. Online Algorithms 
  3. Learning Algorithms 
  4. Streaming calculations 
  5. Span Scheduling 
  6. Least Spanning Tree 
  7. Kruskal's calculation 
  8. Tidy's calculation 
  9. Set Cover and numerous more....

Unique e-book of Advanced Algorithms is important for communication engineering students.

Author: Advanced Algorithms by Suchi Chawla 

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  195 Pages


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