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Accounting Book for Managers

Accounting Book for Managers e-Book: Welcome to Free e-Book

Accounting Book for Managers

Description: Accounting is one of the most important book specially for , and business learning students because this book gives some advance level concepts related to accounting. This book also consist mathematical fundamentals for learners so don't wait just go down and download this special book here.

Accounting Book for Managers

There are following important topics regarding Accounting Book for Managers that you should know:

  1. Need and Types of Accounting 
  2. Clients of Accounting 
  3. Ideas and show of bookkeeping 
  4. Bookkeeping conditions 
  5. Planning of budget summaries 
  6. Planning of Trading account 
  7. Benefit and misfortune 
  8. Asset report 
  9. Investigation of budget summaries 
  10. Critical thinking and so forth.

Unique e-book of Accounting for Managers is valuable book for commerce students.

Author: Accounting book by  Ms. K Yamuna 

  225 Pages


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