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Crop production Technology

Crop production Technology e-Book: Welcome to Free e-Book

Crop production Technology

Description: The content of this book are very useful for specially farmers who works hard in their field. They have to choose this book for their growing crops, plants and many trees.There are some important topics by which farmers can understand how they grow their crops, plants by considering the contents of this book.

Crop production Technology

There are following important topics regarding crop production technology that you should know:

  1. General Conditions for Cultivation of Crops and its significance 
  2. Soil and Plant Nutrition hypothesis 
  3. Plant Protection measure 
  4. Classes of Pesticides and Precautions 
  5. Ranch Management 
  6. Word related Health and Safety 
  7. Rancher's Access to Service and so on.

Unique e-book of crop production technology is useful for agricultural works

Author: Crop production Technology book by Dr. P. Chandra Shekara, Dr. Ajit Kumar, Dr. N. Balasubramani and Bakul C. Chaudhary etc.

   154 Pages


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