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Thinking like a lawyer podcast

Thinking like a lawyer podcast: Welcome to free e-Book

Thinking like a lawyer podcast

Description: There are various lawyer in the world but few lawyers are innocent and solving their case honestly. Lawyers are generally two types:
1) Victims case solver
2) Criminal case solver
But do you know, What make difference between them?
One is honest who solve their cases in truth side and another is solving their case in wrong side but if you wanna become a lawyer so you should read this book and make your concepts clear then go on this line and make your career as a lawyer.

Thinking like a lawyer podcast

There are following important topics regarding thinking like a lawyer podcast online that you should know:

  1. Criminal laws for country
  2. Civil laws
  3. Common civil court law concept
  4. Major laws for country citizens
  5. Common rights for citizens
  6. Types of court of a country
  7. Roles of High court in district or city
  8. City laws
  9. Traffic rules and its regulations
  10. Information rights for a citizens
  11. Police FIR laws for common peoples
  12. Court marriage laws for lovers
  13. How to prevent yourself in case of false FIR
  14. What is the rights of selling products ?
  15. How to become a verified judge in civil court ?

Unique e-book of thinking like a lawyer podcast can change your life if you read it honestly and smartly.

Author: Thinking like a lawyer podcast textbook online by Professor Frederick Schauer

 256 Pages


I hope you have read your e-Book and boosted your concepts regarding this book. Thank you

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