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Workout Books

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Description: Finally we launched free workout guide e-book at our platform so you can download it free and use it for health maintenance.
Health is very important in our life so workout is one of the best option for fitness. So if you want to get your life healthy and better so you can go through this ebook.

Workout Books

There are following important topics regarding daily workout that you should know

This full body workout routine consists of 3 training days per week. You will alternate between “workout A” (which is covered in this PDF) and “workout B” (which will be covered in another PDF). Your schedule will look like the following:

Monday – Workout A 
Tuesday – Rest 
Wednesday – Workout B 
Thursday – Rest Friday – Workout A
Saturday/Sunday – Rest 
Monday – Workout B
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday - Workout A 
Thursday - Rest
 Friday – Workout B

The exact days don’t matter for your workouts, but the key is to get at least one rest day in between each workout, getting 3 workouts in per week, and ensuring that you’re rotating between Workouts A and B. Abs and calves exercises can be thrown into the main workouts as well, or performed on rest days. 
Workout Books

This version is designed for beginner lifters (those relatively new to the gym). The main difference between this workout and the intermediate workout is total sets, an adjustment in the rep ranges, and less accessory movements.

Author: Jeremyethier, Built with science

   15 Pages


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