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Thermodynamics textbook

About thermodynamics textbookThermodynamics is a cornerstone of many scientific disciplines. As such, there are many different text-books that address this important subject and a corresponding myriad of conventions, terminologies,

Thermodynamics textbook

and notations used. This section is designed to sort all of that out—at least for the specific reference
textbooks considered here, listed (by discipline) below.
This book is a supplement, and decidedly not a comprehensive, standalone thermodynamics textbook. As such, the focus is on developing (fairly) precise definitions of the key concepts used in the field, as well as on pointing out common misconceptions, so as to make the subject easier to understand.

Thermodynamics textbook

Contents of thermodynamics textbook 

  1. Thermodynamics states, variables, quantities
  2. Zeroth Law & Thermodynamic Equilibrium
  3. Energy
  4. Molecular Energy, Internal Energy, & Temperature 
  5. Energy at the Molecular Scale 
  6. Internal Energy 
  7. Intermolecular Interactions & the Kinetic Model.
  8. Boltzmann Distribution & the Kinetic Model 
  9. Boltzmann Distribution 
  10. Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution 
  11.  Maxwell Distribution of Speeds 
  12. Thermodynamic Change
  13. First Law & Thermodynamic Change 
  14. System & Surroundings 
  15. Thermodynamic Change 
  16. First Law
  17. Work, Heat, & Reversible Change 
  18. State Functions & Path Functions 
  19.  Definition of Work 
  20.  Definition of Heat 
  21.  Reversible & Irreversible
Author: Bill Poirier, Wiley

  Pages: 187

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